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Managing large SHH numbers
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Mar 16, 2019
Hello Karen! Like your Spanish program, the program at my school has many students. As a result, we usually have about 90 members in Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica every year. At my school, students have to be in Spanish 3 or above (essentially sophomores or above) and have had a 92 as their final grade in previous and current Spanish classes. At my school, a 92 is the cut off for an A. A 91 is already a B. Also, students must have a 3.0 GPA or above, which most do at this school. We have the students fill out an online application (via Google Doc Survey) where they need to upload proof of their grades. I double check with their previous year's teacher as well. The Google Doc Survey really streamlines the application process and makes it more organized. I don't find that students who don't qualify apply. Only those who qualify apply. My biggest issue is that the large number of members makes it hard to communicate with all since not all students attend meetings nor read emails. Thus, we have a group who is consistently dedicated to our activities, but we also have students that do not participate as much as I would like. We did remedy this a bit by having students sign up for a "mandatory" activity at the beginning of the year but I would like more consistent participation from all of the members. I too don't know all of the students because I have not had them in my class yet. Do you have any strategies that have worked for you in managing a large membership when not all students read their emails or pay attention to other club communications?
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