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Feb 17

Track it forward


Edited: Feb 17

If anyone else has a large chapter and is wondering how to track hours of service and sign-ups, I highly recommend the site: www.trackitforward.com . It is free if you have less than 50 students, I believe. I have more, so I pay around $144/year I believe, but it is worth every penny. We are very active and there are a number of features on the site that make it easy to keep track, reminds volunteers of their commitments, gives them a number of ways to verify service with their mobile app, and has a number of features to make not only tracking individual volunteers easy, but also seeing where all the hours are spent when evaluating programs later on. The staff is very responsive and I have been part of various pilots of new features. What software do you use to manage service of your members?

Feb 18

Muchas gracias por compartir, Theresa. I will probably give it it tray next school year. I have a large chapter (about 75 members per year).

I think it's a small company - the support is EXCELLENT. Best wishes!

New Posts
  • The AATSP Store will soon be selling ceremony candles for purchase! They already have balloons, napkins, and banners that you could use at your ceremonies and activities. However, many schools will not allow for open flames. If your school is one of these, how have you adjusted your ceremony to avoid candles with flames?
  • Have you done a pulsera project yet? It is so easy and is such a great experience for your students, in addition to making a real impact in the world. Find lessons and materials, such as videos and print stories in both Spanish and English of artisans in Central America. Educate and excited students for that task! Then, simply request a box of pulseras and bags. They send it to you, along with all the promotional materials you will need. You simply sell the beautiful items at a very reasonable price ($5 for bracelets, $10 for bags) and they give you shipping labels. The only money that ever exchanges hands is after your sales, you send a check for what you sold. Fair trade for Central American artisans, meaningful experience for your chapter and school, it's a win-win!

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