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SHH Sponsors

Sponsors: Join our page and contribute your own Chapter News and participate in the "Swap Shop" to discuss activity ideas.
This login will be separate from your SHH account, but you can make the username and password the same.
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Keeping your SHH Chapter Active


To maintain an active chapter of the SHH, you must induct new members each year. SHH sponsors must remain current members of the AATSP.  Click here to renew your AATSP membership.


Are you ready to register your SHH inductees for the current academic year?

Student induction fee: $5 per student

Click here to view/print detailed instructions. (PDF) 

Click here to enter your student inductees and submit payment.*


*NOTE: To register student inductees, you will need to sign into your SHH Chapter High School Account. This is separate from your personal AATSP member record. Contact if you are unable to remember the necessary login information.

When you register your inductees, you will receive a downloadable certificate to print for each student. If you would like to order pre-printed certificates at an additional cost, please visit the AATSP Store.

Click the language below to access the SHH Induction Ceremony script.

     English               Spanish               Portuguese

Is there an existing chapter in your school that needs to be reactivated? Click here to reactivate an inactive chapter ($10.00 reactivation fee).

Do you need to review membership requirements? Please review the SHH Bylaws (updated 2021) and visit our page about Membership Types, including the new (as of February 2023) Ambassador Membership.

Trying to determine when to hold your induction ceremony? In 2020, we created this list of reasons to induct that fall. Many of the reasons to hold a fall induction still apply.

There are no national service requirements, but we strongly recommend that all chapters include a service component as they are able. Click here for charitable organizations that various SHH chapters have worked with in the past.

For activity ideas, see Chapter News and Summaries of Chapter and Activity of the Year Winners.


Sample Documents


Below are several sample documents designed for use within your individual chapters. 


As these are only templates, the information that must be CHANGED is presented in red font in each document. After updating the information to fit your chapter, please replace all information in red with black font. You may also need to update other information as appropriate for your school.


We encourage you to use these documents as examples and update the forms to fit your school and chapter, such as adding the school logo where appropriate. 

Sample SHH Chapter Bylaws

Sample Induction Ceremony Invitation

Sample Student Application

Sample Membership Acceptance Notification

Sample Membership Denial Letter

Sample Service Log


For more ideas, check out the 2019 Webinar presented by SHH Director Kelly Scheetz and ACTFL 2006 Teacher of the Year Ken Stewart.

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