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Why induct SHH members this fall?

Did COVID-19 offset your plans? Are you looking to increase participation in your SHH chapter?

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica leadership offers the following reasons for you to plan an induction ceremony for this fall.



















Do your extra-curricular activities still have to be virtual? Click here for some samples of virtual induction ceremonies and read below for more reasons to hold a fall induction ceremony.

Peak motivation. As the year goes on, students get bogged down with coursework and other activities. Starting off the year when kids are fresh and ready to get involved is optimal! They can start on your chapter's projects & activities before they're over-committed to other clubs or organizations (or even jobs). Catch them when their enthusiasm and energy is at its peak!

Come back to the new year with a fresh start. SHH can allow students come together in solidarity with new and seasoned members! Students also feel more unity and a part of SHH when they have the whole year to participate, which fosters additional opportunities and prepares them for scholarship applications as well, both from SHH and AATSP as well as other institutions or scholarships.

Give students a full year of membership. The earlier students become official members, the more chances they have to participate in chapter activities. Not only do they have more opportunities to engage with the Spanish and Portuguese languages and cultures, they can be more competitive in SHH and other scholarship opportunities.

Mentors. Fall induction gives a great opportunity for current members to mentor new inductees all year long!

Schedule your ceremony before the calendar is full. Many chapters already choose to do fall inductions simply because the students are too busy for an induction ceremony in the spring. Reserve your location and students before all the calendars are booked.

Catch kids before they make scheduling decisions. Many times spring inductions happen close to or after registration for the following year. An earlier induction allows students to be involved in your chapter so it may even influence them to continue taking Spanish or Portuguese for full membership benefits.

Be eligible to order graduation regalia as soon as you need it. If you hold a fall induction, you will already be eligible to order graduation regalia in the spring! (But don't forget to renew your own membership that expires December 31!)

Remember, no matter the time of year that you hold an induction, students must have already completed at least three semesters of Spanish or Portuguese prior to induction, be currently enrolled in Spanish or Portuguese*, and be a sophomore, junior, or senior.

A fall induction would imply that all students are currently enrolled* in Spanish/Portuguese 3 or higher.

If you have a strong middle school program, a requirement that students must be in level 3 helps avoid the feeling that freshmen are excluded. (Sponsors with freshmen enrolled in level 3 can apply for an exception.)

*Exceptions for current enrollment may be made for students who were eligible for membership in Spring 2020 but did not have an induction ceremony.

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