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Chapter Abelardo Díaz Alfaro in Lakeland, Florida, celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month!

Sponsor Taína I. Corcelles and members of Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica planned multiple activities during Hispanic Heritage Month to promote the Spanish culture in their school community. Here are some of them:

Activity 1 – Hispanic Heritage Trivia: Every morning, during the announcements, one of our Spanish Honor Society Officers asked a question to see their staff's knowledge about the culture.  Any staff who answered correctly had a SURPRISE gift!!!!

Activity 2 – Hispanic Heritage Door Contest: The Door Contest was an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unique voices and experiences of Hispanic/Latino Americans and recognize their history, journeys, and achievements. Through this celebration, the SHH is trying to inspire younger generations and bring our school communities together.

Activity 3 – Lunch Staff:  Food is one of the best ways to celebrate different cultures in the workplace because nothing brings people together quite like a delicious meal. It’s the perfect way for our staff to taste new flavors, broaden their culinary horizons, and learn about cultural diversity in the process.  The SHH enjoyed serving our delicious food to their amazing staff.

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