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Una Camiseta para una Bicicleta

Fayetteville Academy’s Las Águilas Chapter is sponsoring a Colombian fundraiser with the motto “Una camiseta para una Bicicleta” About 32 % of the Colombia population lives in rural areas. Some children that live in these regions have to walk an average of two hours to go to school. They do this in harsh conditions but with a happy heart. Despite of their desire to go to school, many children drop out due to the long distances they have to walk and the harsh conditions in which they do it.

The Colombian Foundation, “Acompáñame a la Escuela” aims to collect funds and purchase bicycles, helmets and shoes for these children. With the leadership of our Spanish National Honor society member and Spanish Club President Emma Majerske, the Las Águilas Chapter, and our Spanish Club, we began a school wide fundraiser, selling t-shirts to collect funds in order to support the

Foundation and provide bikes and shoes to these Colombian children.

We have been hard at work designing the t-shirts, promoting the cause with a school assembly, and creating a video to showcase the Foundation and our efforts. So far our fundraising efforts have been very successful, and right now we have enough funds to purchase three bikes and we have just started!

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world”. Our objective is to change the life of as many children as we can, and provide them with bikes and shoes, making these children’s journeys to school shorter, easier and safer.

Capítulo Las Águilas

Fayetteville Academy

Fayetteville, NC

Maria Marquez, asesora

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