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Jennifer Mothes
Mar 12, 2021
In Ask Questions
Hola a todos, I am a new sponsor (having taken over in June 2020, inducted the spring 2020 candidates late in fall 2020, and now the first match of "on-time" members in March 2021). Before my time the society had been dormant in our school for decades so there was no rhythm to pick-up from the last sponsor. Here's the timeline, and then my question: "March 2020" inductees were inducted in September 2020, and office elections happened the first meeting of the year (we have five - P, VP, T, Member Secretary and Recording Secretary) February 2021, applications opened for the 2021 induction class, and the induction happened now, in March 2021. Originally, I had planned on holding officer elections during the May meeting and then having the June meeting co-lead by 2020 and 2021 Executive Board members, with the September 2021 meeting being the first meeting run by the 2021 Executive Board. Last night, following the induction, my four juniors on the Executive Board (VP, T, MS and RS) requested that they be able to keep their roles for the coming year - until May 2022. They shared that other Honor Societies do the same thing - if a Junior is elected they are allowed to remain in their role until they graduate. I feel the tension from both keeping our momentum going - the kids are doing great as student leaders - and being inclusive and opening elections up to all. What do others do? How would you proceed? TIA!
Jennifer Mothes
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